About us

“Script Mantra, an associate of Admin-Ahead Server Technologies, was initially set up to cater to inhouse scripts developed by our talented server administrators. Due to the increase in popularity for our script solutions, we decided to put the website online with all our scripts downloadable for everyone. However, before you download the scripts, you will need to register your Server IP address with us. This is done to ensure genuine download and hence save bandwidth.

Our Script Solutions include Universal FFMPEG installer which supports cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin Servers. Also available are Rkhunter WHM Interface and Sendmail Logger to name a few. We welcome questions or suggestions with regard to improving the content.

Our Web Development Team specializes in HTML, PHP+MYSQL websites. Our templates are versatile, eye-catching, logically designed, and our rates are reasonable and affordable. The Script Mantra templates are of the highest quality and will save time and money when designing your website.

Our Banners and Advertisements Division creates Flash/GIF banners that are not only eye catching, but are never repetitive and are designed and created specifically for each client. Prospective customers will not only be drawn to the unique design and workmanship, but also to the positive message embedded in each banner. We provide free revisions for our custom-made banners to your satisfaction.

For more information regarding our Script Solutions, Website Templates, and Banners please visit our parent site at Admin-Ahead Server Technologies

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