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The Rkhunter WHM Interface

Security scanning and management is made a lot easier with this popular open source Rkhunter WHM plugin. Say goodbye to all shell activity. With just a click, this plugin helps you to install Rkhunter on your server, run a server scan and view the results as well with ease from your WHM. This Interface also has the option to schedule server scanning daily and you can view the result at any convenient time

Rkhunter WHM Interface

Download and install the latest Rkhunter Version: 1.0.0 GUI from Admin-Ahead Development Team.

P.S.: You will need to REGISTER for this copy to work. Registration is completely free, and is included to keep our server bandwidth under control.
Download Now

Install Instructions:
All licenses w.r.t. Rkhunter are preserved and we are not touching the Rkhunter code.
cd /usr/src
chmod +x ./rkhunter_interface_installer_1.0


Once installed, you will be able to see the link to the Rkhunter manager under the WHM Plugins section. For Support and installation help, please open a ticket at : TicketForge

PS: Standard Installation charges of 20 USD / hr applicable on installations by our support.

Developed By: AlFahed P M , Head-Operations, Admin-Ahead Server Technologies.
Mails regarding this script to: [email protected]