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cPanel WHM APF Interface

This is a WHM plugin for the popular open source firewall APF on cPanel servers. You can easily block IP addresses, remove IP addresses blocked on the server or view blocked IP addresses with the help of this interface.
cPanel WHM APF Interface

Version: 1.0.0

PS: You will need to REGISTER for this copy to work.Registration is completely free, and is included to keep our server bandwidth under control.

Install Instructions:
Please download and install APF firewall from
All licenses wrt apf are preserved and we are not touching the apf code.
cd /usr/src
chmod +x A-AST_APF_Interface
Once installed, you will be able to see the link to the APF manager under the WHM Plugins section.

For Support and installation help, Please Open a ticket at :

PS: Standard Installation charges of 20 USD / hr applicable on installations by our support.

Developed By: AlFahed P M , Senior Systems Admin, Admin-Ahead Server Technologies.

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